Your wedding story?

Have you ever wanted to have your crazy wedding story told? Well this is the opportunity to get the tale heard. If you have a wedding disaster or mishap story from your or a friend’s/family member’s event we would love to hear it.

Below is a list of the topics (12) that we are searching for true stories about. If you have any personal experiences or know of anyone that has had any of them, please send me the story. All names, relevant details,etc. will be changed to protect the identity of the actual bride or groom. Please feel free to pass this request along to any of your friends, family, co-workers, etc.

1.) A bride that changed her mind a millions times (about flowers. colors, dresses, etc.)
2.) A (wedding) weather disaster that did not have a rain plan/alternate plan.
3.) Confusion or misunderstandings on who was paying for what in the wedding (parents, B&G, grandparents, etc.)
4.) A wedding that resulted in much more credit card debt than initially planned for.
5.) A bride that due to on-going wedding related communication: deleted an e-mail account, refused to answer her cell phone, etc.
6.) A bride that encountered less than supportive relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. concerning her wedding.
7.) A wedding mishap that resulted from a lack of communication between family members or wedding party.
8.) A bride that did not speak up about what she wanted and ended up: being dragged to a strip club for her bachelorette party, allowing a distant relative (cousin, etc.) to be in the wedding party despite preferring otherwise, etc.
9.) A wedding day beauty fiasco from having a grooming/ beauty service provided a day before the wedding (disastrous haircut. orange skin from spray tan, etc.)
10.) Any bride that set out to lose a large amount of weight or save an unreasonable amount of money (for the wedding) and was not able to accomplish the goal in time and thus there was a consequence (had to buy a new wedding dress, took on $15,000 in credit card debt, vendors did not show for insufficient payment).
11.) A wedding that was or was not saved by having wedding insurance.
12.) A bride that took on too many DIY projects for the wedding day and is showed (dead flowers in the bouquets, place cards that were sloppily hand-written, etc.)

I am planning to include these tales in my project and really appreciate all of you contributing or passing the request along. As stated before all story details will be changed and the contributor (and bride/groom) will remain anonymous. Please send all information to

Thank you all so much!


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