Unique Event Entertainment!

A couple of weeks ago I assisted with the event coordination of the Atlanta Food Rave. The event itself was remarkable, 5 of Atlanta’s top chef’s competed to prepare food (live) for guests and to benefit the Atlanta Food Bank. But, the scene-stealing portion of the event was..Butt Sketches! What are “Butt Sketches” you ask? They are a pieces of art, charcoal sketches in live time of your entire back side. See the picture above. These artists are based in Austin, TX and take about 2 1/2 minutes per butt. Additionally, the artists incorporated sass, personality and accessories into the sketchs. Truly an entertaining and memorable part of any event, not to mention that you get to take the artwork home! Mine is framed and post on the wall of my living room. I absolutley love it!

One thought on “Unique Event Entertainment!

  1. Amber,

    I would like to see a higher-res version of the picture above. Was this the one Butt Sketches did for you, or was it an example they provided? Appreciate the help!


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