The wedding planner gets engaged!

engagement ringOn Friday, October 22nd my boyfriend of 3 years proposed! We had packed a picnic, climbed up Stone Mountain, and were enjoying our feast. The sun was setting in the West as a Full moon was rising in the East. The entire skyline was a beautiful rainbow; wide bands of color enveloped the sky (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet). It was a breath-taking sunset. As we finished our meal and chatted nonchallantly about our days, the food and our plans for the weekend, he reached into his pocket. To my complete surprise he pulled out a beautiful brilliant diamond and asked me to marry him! I was stunned. After I recovered my breath I answered with a loud “yes!” and sealed the deal with a kiss. I am very excited to be planning my own wedding and cannot wait to share the detials with you all.

One thought on “The wedding planner gets engaged!

  1. Isnt it a joy to plan your own wedding with the expertise acquired from organizing several others. It is not only exciting but fun I must say! Am sure it was the best planned wedding.

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