Unique Wedding Programs

I am loving the new trend of creative and unique wedding progrmas. Lately I have seen many brides moving away from the traditional paper programs. There seems to be a new twist on how to display your wedding party and ceremony elements. Here are some of the ideas I’ve seen recently:

Rustic doors- I had a bride last Fall who’s maid of honor (who happens to be very artistic) took an tattered, distressed wooden door and hand-painted all the names of every on in the wedding party on it. This was propped against a tree for the outdoor wedding ceremony and was the perfect accent for the natural setting. It was so different and creative the guests could not stop talking about it. Check out the pic above.

Easels- Another bride that I am working with is going a little more formal and polished. She is using a framed easel to display her wedding program. Her guests will be holding fans and sunglasses, her favors, to help accommodate her outdoor setting in early August. So it was important to her not to overwhelm them with one more thing to carry. We’re collaborating with her florist to make sure the easel is beautiful, elegant and the perfect accent for the ceremony.

Fans- A couple of years back I had a client that was really concerned about her guests getting overheated. Georgia tends to get pretty sweltering in the Summer, so heat exhaustion is always something to keep in mind, particularly with elderly guests. So, she decided to print her programs on hand held fans. This way guests had the info right there and could use the fan to cool off.

These are just a few of the really cool ways I’ve seen brides spice up the wedding program. It’s important to recognize all of your wedding party and family, so why not find an artistic way to make it a little more personal and add to the unique style of your wedding.

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