Unique Event Entertainment!

A couple of weeks ago I assisted with the event coordination of the Atlanta Food Rave. The event itself was remarkable, 5 of Atlanta’s top chef’s competed to prepare food (live) for guests and to benefit the Atlanta Food Bank. But, the scene-stealing portion of the event was..Butt Sketches! What are “Butt Sketches” you ask? They are a pieces of art, charcoal sketches in live time of your entire back side. See the picture above. These artists are based in Austin, TX and take about 2 1/2 minutes per butt. Additionally, the artists incorporated sass, personality and accessories into the sketchs. Truly an entertaining and memorable part of any event, not to mention that you get to take the artwork home! Mine is framed and post on the wall of my living room. I absolutley love it!

A New trend in bridesmaid’s dresses that your gals will love.

The picture above was taken from www.weddingchannel.com, where I first heard of this new trend. Having your bridesmaids wear non-matching dresses is a great idea for 4 compelling reasons: 1.) It is completely unexpected to dare to have your ladies wear different colors. Different styles in the same shade of color had been going on for awhile, but differently styled dresses in different colors; unheard of and sure to turn quite a few heads as your attendants walk down the aisle. 2.) Because they have the final say-so in the dress choice your bridesmaids can choose a dress that is totally flattering on them from how it hugs their curves to selecting a shade that works well with their skin tone. 3.) There will be no stress of anxiety about choosing a dress that is out of some of your girls’ price range, they get to set the price tag. I cannot tell you how many bridesmaids I’ve witnessed trying to maintain a smile and composure when a bride told them how much their dress cost. 4.) They will absolutely wear it again!(And there will be no snickering after you say that!) Because they picked out the dresses they are sure to love everything about them. Of course all of the dresses should flow and reflect your wedding colors and the final decision should still be yours. This is a innovate idea that you bridemaids will love you for and your guests will be surpised by. Not to mention that is takes away one more thing you have to worry about.

Wedding Cake stands that get noticed

For a cake stand that is sure to be noticed, Raise the Cake is the company to contact. Their beautiful, light-weight and durables stands are perfect for one time use and to add the perfect touch to any wedding cake. They offer pre-designed stands that you can order as well as the option to custom design your own cake stand on-line. All of their stands are covered in a matte-satin, then lined with a satin ribbon, you can even choose to add a little bling (buckles, flowers and several options are offered). Take a look at their website to see various options and pictures of the cake stands they made in the past: www.raisethecake.com .

A Wedding favor worth taking home

lottery ticket

After seeing so many brides and grooms take home hundreds of dollars worth of coasters, travel candles, CDs and a million other things that have monograms on them, I was really excited when I heard about this idea. One couple decided to give away one scratch off lottery ticket to each guest, with a sign posted nearby that they were “lucky” to have so many special people in their lives. This is a great idea for several reasons; it is creative and different, it is inexpensive, and anyone that wins cash will never forget what you gave out as wedding favors. And at the end of the night you won’t be taking home tons of hershey’s kisses in mini-(chinese) take out boxes with a monogram on top. Lottery Tickets are a memorable, affordable and exciting way to send your guests home, and any left over are sure to be used!